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Bitcoin’s 10x Rise In 2017 Influenced Record Number Of Indian Investors

Indian Investors


ndia-based digital money exchanges have alleged that the amount of Indian investors that enrolled in their programs to Purchase Bitcoin has improved substantially in the last couple of months as the worthiness of this major cryptocurrency surpassed the $11,000 amount on 29 November 2017.

The unprecedented growth in the amount of investors that wish to invest their cash in the hottest cryptocurrency was monitored despite the rumors that the country’s central bank could declare Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies as illegal.

According to Unocoin Co-founder and CEO Sathvik Vishwanath, the number of consumers who enrolled in their stage in only 1 month has attained around 200,000 because of the sharp growth in the purchase price of Bitcoin.

“It took three years to gather 100,000 registered customers and in last one month we have seen 200,000 clients registering with us.”

Exceptional Performance of Bitcoin in India

Despite the negative opinions of the Indian government and banking regulator, the marketplace for virtual currencies in the nation is thriving. This is exceptionally true for Bitcoin, whose cost has gone from Rs 459,047 on November 1 to Rs 860,049 on November 29.

According to Zebpay co-founder Sandeep Goenka, the level of interest shown by investors in Bitcoin is exceptional. He added that the amount of consumers is growing by 300,000-400,000 at a previous couple of months in contrast to approximately 150,000 in June and July.

“The level of interest in Bitcoins is at unprecedented levels. At this point in time, it almost feels like mainstream adoption, something I have not experienced before since today we’re seeing interest coming in from even the conservative traders”


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