Ripple For Beginners: How It Is Different From All Other Cryptocurrencies?

 R ipple, is it just one more new cryptocurrency riding on this large, heavy Bitcoin supposition rollercoaster? For those who look through the crypto news...
Crypto Scam

Worst 5 Scams In The History Of Cryptocurrencies

 W hen the Bitcoin first came along, one of its biggest advantages was the use of blockchains to make the currency secure in our digital...
Crypto wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet Guide: Everything You Need To know

 W hen it comes to storing cryptocurrencies, the concept of a wallet can be a bit scary for the newcomers. Crypto wallets are just like leather wallets which some...
Smart Tokens

Smart Tokens: The Future Of Airline Data Management

 L et’s be honest, airline tickets aren’t too great of a product. They’re pricey, and once you have bought them you can’t transform, upgrade, or...
Blockchain limitation

The Major Limitations Of Blockchain Technology

 H istory reveals that innovation in technologies spread at such a rapid pace among communities that it later paid more awareness to existing flaws of...
Cloud Mining

Beginners Guide To The World Of Cloud Mining

 B itcoin mining has been the area of the computer geeks and programmers until lately with the introduction of cloud mining. A remote server to...
Hard fork vs Soft fork

Guide To Forks: Hard Fork Vs Soft Fork

 B itcoin's software is open source, which means that the code is free and available for all to view and utilize. However, for those wishing...
Lightning Network

What Is The Lightning Network? A Beginner’s Guide

 I n 2009 Bitcoin hit the market, it was considered as a new class of money. But as people started using Bitcoin and it started...

Hydromining: Using Renewable Energy To Mine Cryptos

 W hen people first started cryptocurrency mining, they could do it from their standard home PC. As time has progressed and the mining industry has...
Centralized Exchanges

The Ultimate Guide To Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

 A n exchange is a market where resources are traded. One famous exchange you probably know is the New York Stock Exchange, which is one of...

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