Russia’s Largest Bank Caught Employees Mining For Crypto

T he largest state-controlled bank of Russia and the third major bank in Europe Sberbank has restated that it is not mining cryptocurrencies. However, the...
T- mobile

U.S. Leading Mobile Carrier Faces Lawsuit Over Hacked Crypto Funds

T -Mobile is one of the biggest mobile carriers in the US. This status is not going to protect it from a lawsuit that is being...

Australia’s Top Banks Will Not Prohibit Cryptocurrency Purchases

A ustralia's leading banks have announced that they are not planning to block their customers account from buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This differs from the...
Block Crypto Websites

China’s Enlist Its ‘Great Firewall’ To Block Crypto Websites

B itcoin (BTC) hit a new low on Monday( 5th February 2018) dropping below $7,000 since the mid of November 2017. The latest cryptocurrency market dip has possibly...
Cryptocurrency Purchases

India’s Three Largest Exchanges Clears The Doubt On Crypto Ban

L ast week many reports stated that the Government of India has banned the complete cryptocurrency marketplace & the cryptocurrency dealings. During the interaction with...

Another Blow For Bitcoin As Lloyds Bank Bans Bitcoin Purchases

O n Monday (5th February 2018) Britain's major bank followed the lead of US counterpart and banned clients from using credit cards to purchase Bitcoin, amid...
Fedex Blockchain

Fedex To Transform Logistics Industry Through Blockchain

B lockchain for logistics is the latest talk of the town, with multinational companies approaching for pilot programs and undertaking initiatives to expand power in...
Arun Jaitley

Indian Finance Minister Drops A Bomb, Signals Cryptocurrency Crackdown

I ndian Finance minister Arun Jaitley, in his budget speech today (1st February 2018), stated that the government will do everything to cease the use...

How Facebook Banning ICO Ads Can Benefit Crypto?

O n Tuesday (30th Jan 2018), Facebook declared that it will start banning all ads that promotes crypto-currency, including Bitcoin and ICO’s. This “intentionally broad” ban is an...
US Government Subpoena

Bitcoin Crashed Over The News Of US Government Subpoena

A ccording to Bloomberg article published on Tuesday (30th Jan 2018), one of the world’s leading crypto-currency exchange Bitfinex and the company behind the controversial...

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